Midvaal Raceway Drivers School                 

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Have you got Balls?
                  Do you think you are the next Senna?

Prove it... we don't think so...   prove us wrong

Enrole now at the Midvaal Raceway Drivers School to experience blasting past the chequered flag in both a saloon and a single-seater race car.

The course will include basic race driving instruction, safety, racing lines, braking and race techniques by experienced instructors.

Challenge your mates (or your work colleagues) to do the same course and beat your best times in your sessions in the different vehicles.

.....Book a driving lesson as a gift for your friend.....

Its so thrilling, its almost illegal!

All this for Only R 3,000...

Contact Juandre on +27 (0) 60 529 1521

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