Our Venue is mainly a motor sport venue, but we also cater for weddings and all other functions.

The venue caters for about 250 people.

Provision is being made to double the size of this facility.


We have two bars, one in the restaurant and one in the sport bar where we have a big screen (we think  it could be the largest screen in a bar in Africa).

We offer facilities for bachelor and bacheloette parties and any other party people require.

Our hours are from 10AM until late.

At present we offer driver training for SAPS.

We can offer training for bikes, cars and single seater cars. 
All  the equipment is available through us. 
Our specialty is for training small kids.

Drag Racing
Friday nights robot to robot .........
1st Sunday of each month ......


Driver Training

Track rental




Long circuit for car, bike and single seaters

Our motor cross track is 1.6km long.

We have a flat dirt track of 4.2km long.

We have a skid pan.

We have a drag strip 200/400/800 meters

We plan to put in place a 1.2km Go cart circuit