Our Venue

 Phone us to book your
 dates for this venue as you
 do not want to miss out.
 Our Venue is mainly a motorsport venue but we also cater for weddings and functions.

 The venue caters for about 250 people and Provision is being made to double the size of this facility.

 We have two bars, one in the restaurant and one in the sport bar where we have a big screen (we think  it could be the largest  screen in a bar in Africa).

 We offer facilities for bachelor and bacheloette parties and any other party people require.

 Our hours are from 10AM untill late.

 There is ample place for parking so your guests don't have to walk long distances.

 Sports Bar

Our peaceful Venue area.

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 We have loads of parking around our Venue area.

Resturant & Pub.


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   Sports Bar


Restaurant and bar